Detroit is a City of Doers

There’s a lot of improvements that need to be made in our country’s education system. Perhaps no area is more ripe for such improvement than the American high school. The headlines are all too familiar for many of us, but they boil down to the fact that high schools aren’t doing the job they were built to do anymore. This centuries-old institution has been frozen in time since the days of the telegraph and the Model T, and it’s time to make the high school experience a better reflection of the needs of students today in order to meet the challenges that will face our world tomorrow.

We recognize that the thoughts outlined above aren’t new or novel. Plenty of others have said similar things, and this dialogue around how to improve school for our nation’s students will continue to happen. But we believe that simply articulating these thoughts does little to solve the very real problems that we face. It’s time to take some serious action, and it starts in Detroit.

Detroit innovations

Detroit is known for being a city of dreamers. But it wouldn’t have risen to prominence without also being a city of doers. Can you imagine if the Feigenson brothers just sat around and talked about how great it would be to bottle and sell Faygo? Or if Barry Gordy just talked to his friends about creating the ‘Motown Sound,’ but never set foot in the recording studio? VentureSchool is making a serious commitment to challenging the status quo of “high school as usual,” and we’re doing so by adopting the mindset of Detroit’s great doers. We’re committing ourselves to building a high school unlike any other in the United States, and it’s going to be extraordinary.

In the coming days, we’ll be taking a deep dive on our blog to talk about what makes VentureSchool unique and how we’re going to turn traditional high school on its head. Stay tuned to learn more! In the meantime, you can learn more about our school and our approach to transforming the high school experience. If you or someone you know might be interested in lending their time and talents to bringing the VentureSchool vision to reality, we want to hear from you! Building this high school is only going to be possible with the help of people from the Detroit community, and we look forward to working with Detroiters every step of the way.