Q & A with Mr. English

We sat down with our founding head of school, Marvin English, to ask him a few questions about what excites him the most about VentureSchool. 

Why VentureSchool?

I believe VentureSchool and I found each other. I was very much looking to comeback home and be part of a school that held the same beliefs as me, that anything is possible for children if you believe in them. VentureSchool for me is a school that believes all children can learn and be successful. Students at VentureSchool are going to receive a high-quality and equitable education that will lay a strong foundation to become a well-rounded student. VentureSchool is everything that I wanted when I was a child in school. I was a student that really valued academics, but being raised by a father who was an entrepreneur, I also wanted to take the knowledge I learned from my dad and apply it to my learning. This is what the students at VentureSchool are going to have the ability to do in their educational careers. VentureSchool not only instills students with strong academics, but provides students an environment to grow their talents, build their mindsets, build lasting relationships, understand and build community, and become great problem solvers and inventors. I believe VentureSchool provides students with an educational experience that is going to build highly intelligent and talented students inside and outside the classroom that will make a lasting impact on their communities and the world. 

In your opinion, why is important for young people to develop as entrepreneurs?

I believe developing as an entrepreneur at a young age is very important, because so much from being an entrepreneur can be applied to life. I believe that real-world experiences are life’s best teacher, and young people will learn a lot from becoming entrepreneurs. Learning to become an entrepreneur also allows young people to identify their true talents. It gives them an opportunity to build something that comes from their thoughts and interest. I believe it gives young people a sense of community, and how they can build something to help others around them. Also, it gives young people the opportunity to create something that is bigger than themselves and that is a key learning in life. To be able to develop this entrepreneurial mindset at a young age will provide a strong foundation for their adult years and future endeavors. 

What’s your favorite thing about Detroit?

My favorite thing about Detroit, is being able to be close to family and friends! I have lived in three different states over the past eleven years and it is great to be back home around family and friends. Additionally, it is wonderful to see all the growth that the city is making. This is a very exciting time in Detroit, and I am grateful to be back and take part in the great things that are happening in the city. 

Which one of VentureSchool’s five core values resonates with you most?

The core value that resonates with me is Embrace the Uncertain. I believe that life takes people through many changes, and you have to embrace the uncertain because you are not going to always know what is coming next. I believe in order to achieve greatness, you have to take risk and then learn from the risk you take. If you never move out of your comfort zone, you never know what else is right beyond your fingertips. I believe embracing the uncertain is going to be an important core value for the students to understand and practice, because it will teach the students how to be resilient in life and bounce back from any obstacles or pitfalls they experience. That to me, is a very important life lesson because no one is perfect. However, they can strive for greatness by learning from their experiences. 

Who inspires you?

My inspiration is my younger sister. I truly admire her determination and will to never give up. My sister is a cancer survivor and went through that life-changing experience at a young age. She did not allow that to slow her down. She still attacked life with positive energy and kept her goals at the forefront. She was able to tackle a traumatic experience and not only overcome it, but was still able to achieve her ultimate goals in life. Her attitude and mindset inspires me to be a better person each day. I have learned so much from her, and continue to let her story be a guiding light in my life.