It Starts with Students

Over the next few days, we’ll be highlighting the three pillars that support the VentureSchool model to make it unique and well-positioned to revolutionize the high school experience for students in Detroit. Today, we’ll focus on being student-centered.

Every aspect of VentureSchool has been created with students’ needs in mind. Our commitment to our student-centric approach starts with our small size. There are only 30 students per graduating class at VentureSchool, which allows us to give every student the attention they deserve. Small class sizes contribute to the formation of a strong, cohesive community at VentureSchool, and will ultimately allow students to rely on their peers as a support network both in and outside of school. For a majority of their time at VentureSchool, students will be working collaboratively in teams, solving complex problems, and applying that knowledge to the eventual creation of their venture (more on that in our next blog post). We believe that building a strong community among all members of the VentureSchool student body is critical for success in high school and beyond.

Classroom instruction will look a lot different at VentureSchool than at a traditional high school. We have a relentless focus on delivering an academic program that is tailored to work best for each individual student. Thanks to our curriculum’s flexibility, responsiveness, and adaptability, we are able to adjust the delivery of content to a pace that makes the most sense for each student. The VentureSchool faculty will play a key role in this process. Each graduating class will have two core teachers that will deliver instruction. Rather than facilitate a one-way flow of information from a “sage on the stage,” VentureSchool teachers will serve as “guides on the side,” helping students to achieve mastery of academic content, and curating resources and activities that will push students to grow their knowledge. In addition to solidifying academic fundamentals, we believe that it is important for VentureSchool students to be able to pursue their interests as well. This unique blend of passion-driven learning will help students to grow in their scholarship and as drivers of their own destiny.

The design of our learning environment will also be responsive to student needs. You won’t find a traditional classroom setting at VentureSchool. Instead, our learning studios will give different kinds of learners unique spaces in which to work and learn. If a student needs a quiet space to work independently, we have a designated space for that. For collaborative group work, specific spaces will help foster the creative process and make it easy for students to work together. Learn more about our inspiration for revolutionizing classroom design here, here, and here.

Be sure to check back in a few days when we discuss the entrepreneurial focus of VentureSchool. In the meantime, we want to hear what you think about what we’re sharing. Also please let us know if you want to get involved in helping to bring VentureSchool to reality.