A Different school for a different world:


VentureSchool Detroit

Welcome to a new kind of school. A school where students will not only excel academically, but where they will develop into the next generation of leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs. Coming to Detroit in 2019. 


Our Approach

At its core, VentureSchool is student-centered, entrepreneurially-focused, and community-rooted. We empower students to unleash their entrepreneurial mindset while providing an engaging, project-based earning experience to prepare them for success in life.

Our students are Detroit’s next generation of doers.



The needs of our students are at the center of everything that we do at VentureSchool. From the design of learning experiences to the physical layout of our space, everything has been crafted with student needs in mind. This creates a unique and tailored experience that prepares all students to be successful.



What makes VentureSchool especially unique is that we give every student the opportunity to build a venture (non-profit organization or for-profit company) from the ground-up. Through the venture creation process, students will develop the skills and the mindset necessary to develop innovative solutions to a variety of challenges no matter where life takes them.


Community Rooted

At VentureSchool, we believe in the power of unified neighborhoods and the ability for learning experiences to amplify the heartbeat of communities. Furthermore, we believe that a community that learns together grows stronger together. VentureSchool will not only be a place for students to grow as entrepreneurial thinkers, but for residents of the greater community to use as a gathering place and resource center.


The Student Experience

As a part of VentureSchool, students will participate in two primary offerings: Startup Studio, entrepreneurial consulting projects, and Venture Time. In addition, students will have the choice to participate in a variety of other learning experiences related to entrepreneurial mindset development through Venture Time. Find out more below:



Startup Studio is dedicated time for student entrepreneurs to work on the development of their ventures. With the support of Detroit-based  entrepreneurs and partner organizations, students will be truly immersed in the entrepreneurial process.

ENTREPRENEURIAL Consulting Projects

Through this interdisciplinary project-based learning experience, learners will work collaboratively on teams to solve complex problems posed by Detroit-based startups, nonprofits, and established corporations. At the end of each quarter, students will present their solutions to the challenges to a panel of judges.

Venture Time

Venture Time is a flexible portion of the day that can take on a number of different forms, based on the needs of our students. A few possibilities include: “un-class” electives, Venture Talks, design sprints, and use of the makerspace.