About Us

Mission & Vision

The mission of VentureSchool is to create groundbreaking learning opportunities that prepare all students to become capable, curious, and courageous leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurial thinkers in their community. VentureSchool will empower students to unleash their entrepreneurial potential so they can to develop innovative solutions for the world’s greatest challenges.

Our vision is to be recognized as the Midwest’s preeminent source for high-quality, action-oriented entrepreneurial learning experiences that empower students to be a force positive change. We hope to cement a model that can be replicated throughout the region to create a robust network of thousands of young entrepreneurial thinkers ready to tackle the complex challenges that affect our lives today and the world tomorrow.

Our Values

At VentureSchool, we are intentional about developing a supportive and inclusive culture that will help our students grow and thrive. Our culture is rooted in five core principles called the VentureSchool5:


Embrace the Uncertain

We are curious, have an open mind, and believe that maintaining full control shouldn’t be the ultimate goal. We believe in the value of taking risks and learning from mistakes along the way.

Radiate Respect

As members of the VentureSchool community, we treat fellow members of the community with dignity and respect. To demonstrate respect, we start with a foundation of celebrating diversity, embracing new perspectives, and ultimately treating others the way they want to be treated.

Pursue Excellence

We know that it is difficult to achieve excellence, but it should be our only pursuit. We owe it to ourselves and those who support us to invest our full energy into becoming the best we can be. 

Be Proud

At VentureSchool, we take ownership over our work, and are proud of what we create. Every day is a page written for our lasting legacy. We will make every page count.

Find Joy

There is a reason to be joyful and celebrate the opportunities and possibilities that life brings us every day. We will strive to find happiness in not what we can give to ourselves, but from what we can do for others.


The VentureSchool Ecosystem

The VentureSchool ecosystem is comprised of three main elements that work together to create transformational change in education by leveraging the power of entrepreneurial thinking. Scroll down to explore each element in depth.



VentureSchool is an entrepreneurially-focused learning experience designed to supplement and enhance a student’s high school career. Following core academic coursework at their high school of record, students will come to VentureSchool on a daily basis for a semester at a time to work on interdisciplinary entrepreneurial consultancy projects as well as launch and grow ventures from the ground up in our startup studio.



VentureLink is a five-week academic acceleration program for middle and high school students to close potential academic gaps while enabling them to explore their passions and unleash their entrepreneurial potential. This unique learning experience is geared towards students who could benefit from specialized academic supports or who have a particular knack/interest in entrepreneurship. VentureLink can happen as a part of the school day as a service to a particular school partner, or during the summer months when school is out of session.



VentureLabs are after-school and summer learning experiences for middle and high school students in Detroit that focus on developing specific aspects of the entrepreneurial mindset while weaving in core academic content. This allows students to see real-world applications to what they are learning in school and how to use that knowledge to contribute to their success as an entrepreneurial thinker.