A Different school for a different world:


VentureSchool Detroit

Welcome to a new kind of school. A school where students will not only excel academically, but where they will develop into the next generation of leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs. Coming to Detroit in 2019. 


Our Approach

At its core, VentureSchool is student-centered, entrepreneurially-focused, and community-rooted. We empower students to unleash their entrepreneurial mindset while providing a personalized, flexible, and adaptive learning experience to prepare them for success regardless of where they go after high school. Our students are Detroit’s next generation of doers.



The needs of our students are at the center of everything that we do at VentureSchool. From the design of the physical learning space to the teacher-curated curriculum, everything has been crafted with student needs in mind. This creates a unique and tailored educational experience that prepares all students to be successful.



What makes VentureSchool especially unique among other high schools throughout the country is that we give every student the opportunity to build a venture (non-profit organization or for-profit company) of their own from the ground-up. By the time they graduate from VentureSchool, students will not only earn a diploma, but can have a full-fledged plan to continue growing their venture.


Community Rooted

At VentureSchool, we believe in the power of unified neighborhoods and the ability for schools to serve as the heart of communities. Furthermore, we believe that a community that learns together grows stronger together. VentureSchool will not only be a place for students to receive an excellent education, but for residents of the neighborhood to use as a gathering place and resource center.


The Student Experience

Each year of a student's experience at VentureSchool corresponds to a theme centered around aiding in their development as a student and an entrepreneur:


9th Grade: discover

A student’s first year at VentureSchool is all about discovering what he or she is passionate about, connecting with people in the community who can serve as mentors along their journey, establishing entrepreneurial fundamentals, and getting acclimated to the VentureSchool culture.


10th Grade: GROW

After discovering what they are passionate about, VentureSchool students will focus on refining their passion into the beginnings of what their venture will become. Students will work with mentors and the VentureSchool community to build a network of supporters and potential team members.

11th Grade: CHALLENGE

During students' third year at VentureSchool, they will take their passion and challenge it. This will involve subjecting one’s ideas to a great deal of constructive criticism, as well as formulating the beginnings of their venture plan that will be presented at graduation.



Launch year is the final year of a student’s VentureSchool experience. During this year, students will take the final steps to launching their ventures. At graduation, students will make their final pitch to venture capitalists and investors, and receive additional funding to continue bringing their ideas to life.